Posted by: frroberts | March 18, 2015

Discussion topics for tomorrow’s ecclesiology class

We will look at these topics with particular reference to their relevance for the life of an ecclesial lay minister.  Try to think of references to Scripture and Tradition beforehand to facilitate participation in the discussion:

1.  The Pope:  What should the significance of papal infallibility and the obsequium religiosum (religious submission) of mind and will owed to the non-infallible papal magisterium be in the life of the parish and the local church?

2. The bishops: What should it mean for a rank and file Catholic to be in communion with his bishop?

3. Women in the Church: In your opinion what was the most promising material introduced in the course regarding women in the Church?  Why?

4. The laity:  What does it mean to say that all baptized persons participate in the priesthood of Jesus Christ?

5.  Mary:  How might the last chapter of Lumen Gentium provide a fruitful way forward for ecclesiological reflection today and in the future?


  1. I look forward to this discussion.


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