Posted by: frroberts | June 7, 2015

Prayer Request

Tomorrow I begin working on a License in Theology at the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton.  Please pray for me.


  1. Father Roberts ,- I will be happy to put you on my personal prayer list. Best of lucky to you; I know you will do well. God bless you.


  2. Dear Father Christopher,     I thought perhaps the prayer request might be for a parishioner, perhaps even for one of our family members.     Be assured that I will pray for you; please pray for me as well, and for my family members in your parish.     I have heard nothing from my brother regarding progress on matching funds for the Cemetery Endowment Fund.     You may recall that I sent $500.00 the first day.  I do not know how many other family members have contributed.     If you can give me an update regarding the contributions, it will be a great help when I phone our family members before our Progress Days Reunion.     Please permit me to remind you that I wish to continue my Mass Offerings for our same departed family members on the First Saturdays as before.     Thank you as always, Father Christopher, for all.  I am confidant that your academic acumen will carry forward in your pursuit for your License In Theology.                                        Always sincerely and gratefully,                                                     J.T. Bahler



  3. Praying for your success (and perseverance).


  4. Praying the Blessed Mother will clothe you in her mantle, provide you with unending care and surround you with her gentleness. May God the Almighty bless you on your journey.


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