Posted by: frroberts | July 26, 2015

Inspiring words from Jennifer Trapuzzano

Nathan Trapuzzano’s killer has just been sentenced.  Let’s pray for Nathan’s family, who had to endure more pain at the sentencing.  Let’s pray also for Mr. Adams, who clearly needs to change for the better.

Click here to read Jennifer’s victim impact statement, which is both heart-wrenching and filled with the light of faith.

The day Simeon Adams received a five-decade prison sentence for killing Nathan Trapuzzano is also the day the slain man’s widow gave him her forgiveness — an act of kindness that the 18-year-old defendant has yet to ask for and likely will not anytime soon.

On Friday, as Adams sat at the defendant’s table during his sentencing hearing in a Marion County courtroom, he heard from Jennifer Trapuzzano, who, despite the grief, insomnia and panic attacks that still haunt her since her husband’s death, still uttered the words “I forgive.” Nathan, she said, would’ve done so.

But none of those words appeared to have any effect on the young defendant, who, it seems, has yet to show any sign of remorse. His attitude became more apparent after Marion Superior Court Judge Sheila Carlisle addressed him directly, asking if he, in any way, appreciated the impact of his actions on the Trapuzzano family.

“No, ma’am,” Adams responded….

Jennifer Trapuzzano said her husband always looked out for the less fortunate, for kids who have lost one or both of their parents. Nathan used to go to a soup kitchen location to help feed the poor and homeless. She said her husband, an anti-abortion advocate, also used to visit abortion clinics “to pray for the unborn.”

Wearing a black dress, the young widow read a prepared victim’s statement on the stand. She said that after her husband’s death, her daughter immediately became her “lifeline,” her “reason for surviving.” Still, she grieves for her little girl who is now left with only photographs and stories about her father. She said Cecelia says “Dada” when she sees one of Nathan’s pictures.

More info:

Jennifer Trapuzzano, Nathan’s wife, told 24-Hour News 8 Friday that she forgives Adams. We asked her why. “Christ prayed and forgave those that persecuted him while he was on the cross. Nate and I, when we got married we promised each other to live as closely to Christ as we could, we are not perfect, we are not God, but I know that Nate in his final moments would have still strived to be like him,” said Jennifer Trapuzzano.



  1. Thank you, Father. Jennifer is a woman to emulate. May Nate rest in peace.


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