Posted by: frroberts | August 6, 2015

Spiritual thought for the day

“We should perform our actions with Mary; that is to say, in all our actions we should look upon Mary as the accomplished model of all virtue and perfection, fashioned by the Holy Ghost in a mere creature, for us to imitate as far as our limited capacity allows us.  In every action therefore we should consider how Mary has done it, or how she would do it if she were in our place.  For this reason we must examine and meditate on the great virtues she practised during her lifetime, particularly, (1) her lively faith, by which she believed without hesitation the word of an angel.  To the very foot of the Cross on Calvary, she believed faithfully and constantly; (2) her deep humility, which made her hide herself, remain silent, submit herself in all things and place herself last; (3) her divine purity, which never has had not ever will have an equal under heaven; and so on for all her other virtues.”

St. Louis de Montfort, True Devotion, 260

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