Posted by: frroberts | October 15, 2015

Electronic giving in my parishes

Younger people tend not to carry much cash.  I am 36 and my wallet does not even have a place for it.  Us younger folks tend to prefer plastic. We do our banking and shopping online.  We rarely write checks.  All of this can create a huge problem when it comes to giving on Sundays.  And the sad fact is that when we younger people forget to write a check or stuff the envelope, we often don’t make it up on the next Sunday.

I solve this problem by writing big checks several times a year, but I am pretty tight with money and have few expenses.  My priest friends joke with me that I probably still have my first communion money.  That might be true.  For the normal people for whom money does not usually burn a hole in their pocket, writing big checks every couple months might not be an option because monthly budgets are tight.

For this very reason, one of our younger parishioners has requested the possibility of online giving.  I told him that we already have online giving through our parish websites via paypal.   Those who have never used paypal before will probably not want to start doing so for their tithing, but for those who are familiar with this online resource, it is a convenient way to make sure that one is keeping one of the precepts of the Church, supporting the Church according to one’s means.

One of the nice things about paypal is that it is possible to set up a timed auto payment.  This way if one is traveling and goes to Mass elsewhere, one can still give back at Saint Mary or Saint Joseph even without physically being present.  On each parishes’ respective websites ( and, you will find a donate button.   If you want to do online giving just click on the button.  Be sure to put in the optional address line or in a memo somewhere to which parish you are donating.

Please indicate that the donation is to Saint Mary or Saint Joseph

Please indicate that the donation is to Saint Mary or Saint Joseph

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