Posted by: frroberts | November 5, 2015

Dark clouds on the horizon

Please pray for the Pope at this time when unity in the Church seems to be on the verge of breaking.

“There are two paths in life: the path exclusion of persons from our community and the path of inclusion. The first can be little but is the root of all wars: all calamities, all wars, begin with an exclusion. One is excluded from the international community, but also from families, from friends – How many fights there are! – and the path that makes us see Jesus and teaches us Jesus is quite another, it is contrary to the other: to include.”  Pope Francis

But doctrinal conservatives respond that they are simply defending the faith once delivered to the saints.  Here are several articles of interest:

Synod verdict: the Catholic Church is still Catholic

The Pope versus the Church: The anatomy of a Catholic Civil War

The Pope’s caricaturing of Conservatives

Is the Pope out of control?


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