Posted by: frroberts | November 28, 2015

Ideas for Advent penance

  1. Give up meat.
  2. Give up alcohol.
  3. Give up eating out.
  4. Pray the Rosary every day.
  5. Abstain from meat on Fridays.
  6. Fast from Christmas goodies.
  7. Fast on Fridays.
  8. Fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  9. Spend fifteen minutes reading the Bible every day
  10. Fast from TV.
  11. Go to Mass every day.
  12. Go to confession.
  13. Go to confession once a week.
  14. Give up coffee.
  15. Give up facebook.
Any other ideas?


  1. Give up excuses – start exercising
    an hour of sleep- go to perpetual adoration
    20 minutes of car radio-pray a rosary
    NFL Football- throw around a football with a kid.
    Give up snarkiness- pay a compliment
    volunteer somewhere
    shovel snow for that neighbor you don’t like -maybe the neighbor NO ONE likes
    read St Faustina’s Diary
    journal the acts of Mercy and ideas that make them more real to you- then do them
    When you make out your Christmas cards, pray for each peron you send to
    Go to your diocese website, find the directory of priests- pray for a new priest each day.
    Pray for someone who is struggling with faith issues and might not feel they can approach a priest–even if you don’t know such a person.
    do the chore your Spouse/Roommate/needy relative or neighbor hates the most-cheerfully-don’t let them know who did it.
    pray-daily- for the person who has hurt you the most.



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