Posted by: frroberts | March 2, 2016

Thought for the Day

“[M]any of the lifeboats launched from the [Titanic] that night were no more than half filled. In fact, in the eighteen lifeboats that launched from the ship, there were a total of 472 unused spaces. After the ship disappeared below the water, around 1,5000 people floundered in the icy waters while the lifeboats sat at a safe distance and watched. Only two of the eighteen lifeboats went to rescue survivors. They transferred passengers to maximize free space, and it is a recorded fact that some of the first-class passengers complained about terrible inconvenience. By the time those in the lifeboats had recalled their purpose and had gone among the victims, only nine people were found alive, and three of these eventually succumbed to hypothermia.”

Fr. James Mallon, Divine Renovation.

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