Posted by: frroberts | May 13, 2016

Breaking: Pope to Establish a Commission to Find more ways to confuse Catholics

From the Eye of the Tiber

Pope Francis said today that he would set up a commission to study whether or not he can find more ways to confuse and frustrate the living crap out of people, revealing an openness to re-examining the church’s long-held insistence on not speaking off-the-cuff.

His move was hailed as a breakthrough by those in the media who have clamored for years to be given more stuff to speculate on, and who cite research showing that a pope whose speeches were scripted and thought out produced nothing for the media to report on, and therefore, pointless.

But the idea will face stiff resistance from some who believe that finding out whether he can indeed find more ways to confuse people is the first step toward drinking during a General Audience, which recent popes have ruled out.



  1. Lol!


  2. Father Roberts – You’re on the slippery slope for sure. Walk it back, Father, walk it back. :)


  3. 😂 Good one, Fr. Chris!!!


  4. Hah! Love it. I am not confused as long as I have well formed priests to follow who are firm in the faith.


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