Posted by: frroberts | August 6, 2016

Some Questions from Stump the Priest

Is the law of Attraction or positive thinking a legitimate philosophy of life for a Christian?

What are the oils that are blessed at the Chrism Mass and for what purposes are these oils used?

Do altars still have altar stones? What is the purpose of an altar stone?

Why do Catholic rely so much on “prescribed prayers as opposed to “spontaneous prayer like other Christian faiths? Is this directed by the Church hierarchy?

If as Catholics we believe that we are saved by the grace of God, why are there indulgences given for good works? Are indulgences still given?

What is the Church’s reasoning behind excluding from holy communion individuals who re-marry after divorce without a declaration of nullity, but allow priests and nuns to be dispensed from their religious vows and receive holy communion? Why does the Church exclude from communion individuals who remarry and reconcile sinners who are commit very serious sins like murder or child molestation?

Jesus prayed to his Father and taught his disciples to do such. Why did the Catholic Church think praying to saints was a good idea?

When Jesus prayed to the Father was He praying to Himself?

How do we learn to love the sinner but hate the sin without looking like we are accepting the sin also?

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