Posted by: frroberts | September 14, 2016

Communion for the Divorced and Remarried?

Let’s kick it off with Robert Royal:

In the Church’s 2000-year history – a history of apostles, martyrs, confessors, great saints, brilliant doctors, profound mystics – none thought this new teaching Catholic. Some even died to defend the indissolubility of marriage. For a pope to criticize those who remain faithful to that tradition, and characterize them as somehow unmerciful and as aligning themselves with hard-hearted Pharisees against the merciful Jesus is bizarre….

I say this in sorrow, but I’m afraid that the rest of this papacy is now going to be rent by bands of dissenters, charges of papal heresy, threats of – and perhaps outright –schism. Lord, have mercy.


I will withhold personal comment other than saying that we are living in very dangerous times for the faith.  There is widespread confusion and it grows daily.


  1. I have elected to hind under a shell and see how it all plays out. But I am skeptical and weary of those who keep insisting the Pope is being faithful to Church teaching–a kind of papolatry that opposes my understanding of the papacy and I fear, a certain pollyanna and yet, I can never be Orthodox (noted only because we both knew Fr. Sid Sidor).


  2. It looks like Francis has just adopted the Orthodox position on divorce and remarriage. Does that mean that I can start celebrating a beautiful liturgy and have a wife now?


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