Posted by: frroberts | September 14, 2016

Spiritual Thought for the Day

Saint Ignatius of Loyola said that if the Pope said that white were black and black were white that one must yield to the judgment of the Pope and said that white is black and black is white.

My question is, “what happens when the Pope says that black is grey?”


  1. Thank you for sharing, Father. Al Kresta responded to the concerns expressed in the Holy Father’s letter to Argentinan Bishops as overblown. He emphasizes that it is not a change in the teaching of the church, but rather a help for Priests in their pastoral approach to its application.

    While I understand what Kresta is saying, he ignores the great burden Pope Francis has added to a priest by the secular and popular interpretation of his letter. The secular and popular media and the public which consumes it seem utterly incapable of grasping nuance. There will be absolutely no distinction drawn between church teachng and the pastoral application thereof.

    I continue to pray for the Holy Father and for you and ALL responsible (meaning ALL) for the transmitting the truths of our Catholic faith!


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