Posted by: frroberts | September 23, 2016

Why we don’t feel like God loves us

The nearness of God’s of love for us in the one the central elements of the proclamation of the Christian message.   My own experience is that proclaiming this message is exceedingly difficult.


Our identity as beloved sons and daughters of our loving Father in Jesus Christ is a wonderful reality, but it can seem a pretty impractical to take as the foundation of our lives.  When was the last time the love of God helped us in a job interview?  Or when was the last time that God’s love helped our children’s college fund to grow?

While positive answers to questions like these are not impossible, they take a deep faith to see with much clarity.

We have to learn how to put on masks and play certain roles in order to live in the world.  For example, a certain level of natural prudence is necessary for success in business.  Such prudence is generally acquired through human effort, not through direct divine infusion.  The life of faith is generally helpful in aiding the acquisition of such human virtues, but God is usually content to let nature take its course.  We can begin to focus on the mask and not what underlies it, which is God’s love.

The problem comes when we get so accustomed to the roles we play that we think they are our primary identity.  For myself, being a priest is an important role that I play, but when I start to understand my identity as being primarily “priest” rather than “child of God,” my spiritual condition is not very good.  When I live out of my identity as a child of God, I am a much better priest because I realize that my priesthood is not the be all and end all of my happiness; God’s love for me is.  Married persons have a special challenge in this respect.  They not only have to balance their roles in their career, marriage and as parents, which is hard enough, they also have to keep their fundamental focus on their identity as children of God at the same time.

Regular prayer is the means by which we remain centered in our identity as beloved children of God.  If we don’t feel like God loves us, the cause is generally that we are not connected with God as we are called to be in prayer.

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