Posted by: frroberts | September 27, 2016

Changes in the Parish Office

Dear Parishioners,
As I have communicated several times in recent months, our parish cluster facilities at Saint Mary’s are in desperate need of many repairs and improvements. That fact, along with the declining to stagnant income level at St. Mary’s, has forced me to look for ways to cut expenses. Up to this point, those have been (but have obviously not been limited to) using space heaters in selected rooms in the rectory and offices while keeping the thermostat turned down to save on utilities, moving daily Masses to a chapel in the parish hall so that we can turn the thermostat in the church down during the week, begging my parents for food when they come to visit, cancelling the cable and getting volunteers to clean the parish hall. To avoid freezing me and my staff to death, I have turned to other areas to reduce the budget so that Saint Mary does not have to dip into savings in order to keep pace with expenses.
Since staff salaries are the second largest expenditure in the budget, this area  is obviously the next place to look for possible reductions. I already reduced the hours of the Bookkeeper/Parish Cluster Bulletin Editor back in January. The Hispanic Apostolate’s expenses are 100% funded by a Diocesan grant for the coming year or two. The paid Director of Religious Education for the Parish Cluster has been replaced by three unpaid volunteers. This leaves the Parish Cluster Secretary.
Effective immediately, we are reorganizing the duties of the Parish Cluster’s Office staff.  For budgetary reasons, I will no longer have a secretary.  I would like to thank Karen Johnston for her many years of service to both of our parishes.  I wish her the best for her future plans.
We have some details to work out here in the office, but we will do our best to continue to offer the same service as in the past to all of you in the future – even if it means that you have to talk to me when I answer the phone during my “shift” in the office.  I expect that these changes will force me to re-evaluate the amount of time that I spend in Dayton taking classes, although I am not in the position to make adjustments in this area until mid-November.
To Jesus through Mary,
Father Christopher

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