Posted by: frroberts | September 28, 2016

Swiss theologian urges Pope Francis to reform Church teaching on the Resurrection

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Famous Swiss theologian Hans Küng has reportedly sent a letter to Pope Francis, asking him to reconsider the Church’s stance on the Resurrection of Christ.

Speaking to the media this morning from his office in Germany, Kung told reporters that he hoped that “one of the most open-minded” popes in his lifetime would publically declare that the Resurrection did not take place, urging the Pope to also reconsider the Church’s stances on such issues as papal infallibility, the celibacy of priests, and euthanasia.

Speaking to EOTT about the future of the Church, Küng said that the Church needed to reform its outdated thinking before [the Church] became extinct.

“Centuries have passed and as society has continued to evolve, the Church remains stuck in the past,” Küng said. “If the Church is to survive, it is imperative that the hierarchy begins to acknowledge that such issues such as papal infallibility and the resurrection are archaic dogmas…


  1. Fr. Roberts – This is a joke, right?


  2. The statement “Centuries have passed and as society has continued to evolve, the Church remains stuck in the past,” made me chuckle. The church is still going strong after 2 millennia and through so many changes, evolutions and revolutions in a wide variety of cultures and societies but now must forsake its fundamental teaching because, why? Modern society has reached some globalized zenith and the church’s teachings have met their match? The “Age of Enlightenment” seems to have nothing on current culture and the arrogance of of contemporary intellectuals.

    To me the church isn’t stuck in the past but is constantly emerging and flourishing from a point in history that supersedes time and any culture, philosophy or trending concepts that humankind throws at it. It’s the one constant in a forever unstable world.


  3. Awesome! Maybe Kung has a catechism we can use in our parishes.


  4. From the Eye of the Tiber, the Catholic Onion.


  5. As you once said, Fr. Roberts, those of us who remain faithful to the teachings of the church and to scripture, which never changes, are becoming counter-culture. I will embrace being counter-culture. I would rather stand with a small group of faithful believers who follow the Word of God than stand with the masses who have fallen away and follow man. You continue to inspire me, Father. Many blessings to you.


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