Posted by: frroberts | October 2, 2016

Pope Francis: Oppose Redefinition of Marriage and Transgenderism

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In a lengthy, off-the-cuff speech in Georgia, Pope Francis said the world today is at war with marriage and urged couples to fight against modern threats to the sacrament, such as gender theory.

Speaking to Irina, a Georgian wife and mother who gave her testimony in front of Pope Francis and hundreds of priests, seminarians and religious Oct. 1, the Pope said, “You mentioned a great enemy of marriage today: gender theory.”

“Today the whole world is at war trying to destroy marriage,” he said, noting that this war isn’t being fought with arms, “but with ideas.”

There are “certain ideologies that destroy marriage,” he said. “So we need to defend ourselves from ideological colonization.”

“Matrimony is the most beautiful thing God created,” he said, explaining that since man and woman have been created in God’s image, “it is when the two become one that his image is reflected.”

“I understood the line when you spoke about the difficulties that come in the family, the temptations, so we resolve things on the road of divorce,” he said, explaining that when a divorce happens, “two people pay.”

“God pays, because God is the one who made them one, and when they divorce, they dirty what God has made,” he adding, also noting that the children also pay the price of the separation.

“You don’t know how much children suffer when they see parents fight and separate,” the Pope said, explaining that while certain “complex situations” exist, “you must do everything to save a marriage.”

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