Posted by: frroberts | October 18, 2016

Stump the priest

In the comment section for this post, please leave your questions.  I will answer them in due course.


  1. Father, my 24 year old son who is an engineer and is very logical has questions about the faith. He is struggling with the following:
    1.) If God is all knowing and all goodness, why would he even create someone that he knew would be doomed to hell forever? He thinks it is cruel.
    2.) In addition, he wonders about pre-destination: If God is all-knowing, and he has a plan for our lives, are our choices really freely chosen if it is already known by God what we are going to do. He thinks if this is the case, then he really doesn’t have free will because God already knows what he will choose.
    3.) Last question- Why can’t someone in hell change their mind after being there and choose God after seeing their ‘mistake’ and enduring the terrible suffering. He thinks a person would change his mind after being there- but why are they not allowed/able to do so.

    Thank you Father!


  2. How has your current program of study impacted your understanding of Marian devotion?


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