Posted by: frroberts | December 10, 2016

Christmas gift idea: Help fund replacement of Rectory/Office boiler and cooling system


The Saint Mary and Saint Joseph rectory is in urgent needs of repairs.  One of the big needs is a new steam boiler or replacement of the heating and cooling system.  Based on initial estimates, a long-term fix could cost as much as $40,000, but will likely be closer to half of that.  We are looking at a wide range of options.  Take a look at the state of the current boiler, which dates from 1975 (the pictures were taken on August 12, 2016, the datestamp is incorrect on all the photos):







  1. Trying to leave a $20 donation. It’s telling me the pay pal link is expired. I log into my pay pal then, but it won’t send it to your account. Is there an email or another link to send a donation to?


  2. I attempted to click the link to donate, however it said “your pay pal session has expired”
    I signed into my pay pal but that does not direct me to give money to this cause only to my account… is there an email address or updated link to donate to?


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