Posted by: frroberts | March 30, 2017

Gifts of the Visitation (part ii), Readiness


  1. Just when I thought the discussion on the “GIFTS OF THE VISITATION” part 2 was over, I received another 11 minutes! I agree with the lady who gave her meaning of Mary’s mantle. Thank you Father for describing the difference between Mary’s presence in heaven and the Saints.
    I have prayed to Our Blessed Mother for each of my three children all of their life. Praying Mary would protect and cover them with her mantle. My son and two daughters are in their 40’s, each have families of their own. Each have experienced there own heartache and struggles. It seemed to me they were pushing me out of their life. Much like I have been doing to the Blessed Mother. I met a very kind person recently who I asked if they would say a rosary with me. I look forward everyday now for the quiet time I spend with our Lord and his Mother. I have noticed my children calling me more often. My youngest daughter made me the most amazing birthday dinner yesterday. She also gave me a very touching gift. Prayer helps! Other people’s prayer helps also. I feel compelled to put this thank you out there for our Lord and his mother. Also Father, thank you for allowing me to share it on your website.
    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph save souls!


  2. Thanks for sharing. Please also pray for me.


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