Posted by: frroberts | June 10, 2017

Europe: small families equal demographic suicide

George Weigel has a chilling article at the First Things website.  Here are some highlights (for the entire article, click here):

(1) Europe is committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself in what British historian Niall Ferguson has called “the greatest sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death in the fourteenth century.”

(2) This unwillingness to create the future in the most elemental sense, by creating new generations, is at the root of many of Europe’s problems, including its difficulties assimilating immigrants and its fiscal distress.

(3) When an entire continent—healthier, wealthier, and more secure than ever before—deliberately chooses sterility, the most basic cause for that must lie in the realm of the human spirit, in a certain souring about the very mystery of being.

…all the European members of… the G7—are without children: German’s Angela Merkel, Great Britain’s Theresa May, Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni, and France’s Emmanuel Macron. Add to the mix the childless Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and the childless prime minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, and something quite striking comes into focus: Of the six founding members of what has evolved into the European Union, five are now led by childless prime ministers or presidents, a situation that would have been unimaginable to one of the founders of modern “Europe,” Konrad Adenauer, who was the father of eight.

A culture that does not reproduce at replacement rate, roughly 2.3 per woman, is doomed to destruction.  The birth rate in the US is 1.86 per woman.

Italy 1.39

Spain 1.27

Ireland 1.96

United Kingdom 1.83

France 1.99

Germany 1.39

Austria 1.44

Poland 1.29

Greece 1.30

Saudi Arabia 2.76

Guatemala 3.21

India 2.43

Iraq 4.57

Israel 3.08

Nigeria 5.65

Kenya 4.33

Bolivia 2.97







  1. This is a very chilling scenario, Father Roberts. And not to make pun, but I read about this several years ago in a book called “The Demographic Winter.” Very distressing for the future of the West for sure.


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