Posted by: frroberts | July 7, 2017

Julia Yost writes on troubling matters

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Francis, appointed Juan Barros bishop of Osorno, Chile. Barros is widely blamed by Chilean Catholics for covering up the crimes of the notorious pedophile Fr. Fernando Karadima. Hearing of Chilean Catholics’ objection to the appointment, Francis was filmed calling them “stupid.” During Barros’s ordination Mass, Chilean Catholics stormed the Osorno cathedral. The man was consecrated bishop in a bulletproof vest—whisked into the sanctuary by bodyguards at the crucial moment, then whisked away again….

In many and various ways, Francis is worse on child sex abuse than Benedict, his “rigid” predecessor. The Vatican’s child sex abuse task force is falling apart. In 2014, Francis personally restored to the priestly state a Fr. Inzoli, a friend of Francis’s friends, who had been defrocked in 2012 after his conviction for child molestation by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Two years after Francis’s intervention, Fr. Inzoli was convicted by the Italian civil authorities and sentenced to prison. (Yet he remained in the priestly state until just last week…)

In 2010, Godfried Cardinal Danneels of Belgium, a liberal Catholic hero, spoke with a victim of his pedophile friend, Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, in a meeting that was secretly recorded. On tape, Danneels instructs the victim to remain silent and to “ask forgiveness” for the abuse: “Acknowledge your own guilt.” Three years later, the just-elected Pope Francis greeted the world from the St. Peter’s loggia, with Danneels in his retinue. He has continued to favor Danneels with plum appointments.


  1. What does all of this mean? And how will we navigate these waters and not lose our souls? And most importantly, will you be having the extraordinary form Mass when you get to Kokomo?


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