Posted by: frroberts | July 25, 2017

Something to consider


  1. All public schools are poison and incompetent ? Beware of gross generalizations. He is interesting to listen to for a few minutes, but I couldn’t take listening to the whole thing. :-(


  2. Father – thank you so much for posting this. I was unfamiliar with this individual until I read his commencement speech that you also posted. I think this interview is awesome and right on the money on so many topics. One of the things he said that I wrote down was, “People used to do human things.” I think what is misunderstood about people embracing a person like Donald Trump who promises to “Make America Great Again,” is that what many of think of when that phrase is used is not even so much the jobs and financial well-being of the ’50s. What we long for and miss is a time when people got together to sing, or bowl, or play cards. We miss knowing the names of everyone on our block. We miss the hymns we grew up with, the church statuary and paintings, the poetry we learned in school, the innocent playtime and TV shows. And we’re both mad and sad that it’s been taken from us and from our children and replaced, as Esolen puts it, with poison. It’s hard to have hope in the environment in which we live, Father, even though our faith directs us to have hope. God bless you.


  3. He definitely lays down the gauntlet.


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