Posted by: frroberts | August 15, 2017

Marian thought for the day

Saint Thomas Aquinas’ “new approach entails that Mary belongs not only to the order of grace- as in her congruent meriting, as the greatest of saints, of her own status as mother of the Lord.  Rather, in the scheme put forward in the Summa theologiae she belongs to a higher order than that of grace, she belongs to the divine hypostatic order, the order of the communion of the Trinitarian persons.  Mary’s role is not now restricted to that of a superlatively virtuous woman offering biological means of entry to the divine.  For the later Thomas, although the hypostasis of the Son of God has no inherent relation to the Virgin according to the Son’s eternal generation from the Father, that hypostasis does have an inherent relation to her person through the assumption of the human nature that originates from her, in the Son’s birth in time.”

Aidan Nichols, There is no Rose, 41.

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