Posted by: frroberts | September 4, 2017

Interesting Article on Catholicism and Yoga


Given Yoga’s debt to early 20th century Western ideas about physical culture, and given its extremely successful adaptation to the modern interest in fitness and beauty, debates raging back in India about dualism and non-dualism seem of very slight importance. As I have described them neither view is compatible with the Catholic Faith, but then again you can find Yoga teachers with zero interest in any version of Indian religious and philosophical thought, and come to that you can find Catholic priests teaching Yoga.

So to conclude this first post of the two-part series, I think it is important to avoid trying to solve the problem of the relationship between Yoga and the Faith in too simplistic a way, by saying for example that Yoga is a body of ancient Hindu spiritual or even latreutic (worship) practices: it isn’t. Nor does it have an indelible connection with any single set of philosophical views.

The problems with Yoga need to be approached in a more subtle way.

Read the whole article, which is the beginning of a series, here.


  1. Please, Father Roberts, I beg you not to continue down this road of trying to justify that yoga is somehow compatible with Catholicism (at least that is how I am reading your blog here). SOULS ARE AT STAKE! Johnnette Benkovic on her website posted an actual account of a woman who wanted to do yoga for exercise only and was a devout Catholic who NEVER wanted to be possessed. She did get possessed, and through an observant friend, she was eventually exorcised by an exorcist. But, before the exorcism, she lost her job and family!!! The chief exorcist of Rome, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, condemned yoga for all Catholics saying it is incompatible with Catholicism and because a demon told Father Amorth that the demon had entered the possesed person through yoga! Do we need to know anymore than the counsel of our former (since Fr. Amorth died recently, may God rest his soul) chief exorcist concerning yoga? I know I do not. God gives us simple, black and white instructions on what to avoid and what to follow……confusion is from the evil one. Father, this article is very confusing. Run, run, run from yoga and any new age practice!!!!!! Your eternal salvation is in grave danger if you are practicing yoga!!

    God bless!!


  2. I would read his follow up post, which quite thoughtful. I think we need to be careful not to sound unhinged about this, even if we think that the practice is spiritually dangerous. I find Shaw’s follow-up to be pretty sane.


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