Posted by: frroberts | September 13, 2017

The Catechism on Immigration

The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

(Paragraph 2241)


  1. Father – Thank you for posting this. However, this week I also saw or heard on a podcast that the Bible also speaks of not allowing “foreigners” who come fresh to a new land to be assimilated, for lack of a better word, wholly into the new land without being there for 3 years, so that it is clear they plan to stay, they plan to embrace the government and the ways of life, etc. of the new country. Is this correct? If so, could you post any of those Bible passages? Thanks so much.


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