Posted by: frroberts | September 16, 2017

A great story about St. John Paul II

Biretta tip to Fr. Z ( for a translation of Pope Francis’ story about John Paul II the Great

On the Piazza Risorgimento, there was a homeless Polish homeless man, often drunk.  In his drunkenness he told the story that he had been a fellow seminarian and in the priesthood with John Paul II, and that afterwards he had left the priesthood. No one believed him. Someone reported this to John Paul II. And he said, “So ask him what his name is.” And it was true!  “Get him to come.” [The man] was given a shower and was presented to the Pope. The Pope received him: “So how are you?!”, and he embraced him. He had, in short, abandoned the priesthood and had left with a woman. “But how are you?”  And then, at a certain moment, John Paul II regarded at him. “My confessor was supposed to come today, but he did not come. Hear my confession.” “But how can I do that?” [the man responded].  “Yes, yes, I’m giving you the faculty.”  And he got down on his knees and and made his confession.  And later [the priest] ended up as chaplain of a hospital, doing good for the sick.  An act of proximity and humility.


  1. What a wonderful story Father Chris. I can picture that encounter with our Blessed Holy Father! Sounds like the story of the prodigal son. Sometimes we wander away because of our misdeeds. What joy when we get back on the right path! God’s path for us. I can relate to that. Jesus bless me for I have sinned…
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph save souls, save my soul, etc.


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