Posted by: frroberts | November 10, 2017

Retreat: The Albino Monk Edition

This past week, I went on my annual retreat at Shellborne, the Opus Dei retreat center in Valparaiso.  I received much formation from Opus Dei whilst in college and seminary.  Why not after ordination?

Good question.

Dan Brown, would like us to believe that Opus Dei has a supply of Albino Monk hit men who speak Latin fluently.  Naturally, I looked to see if Silas was hiding in Valparaiso.


He was not in the main hall.

I looked in the chapel next:


Not in the chapel, either!

I had no luck!  It seems like Silas is as hard to find as an elegantly constructed sentence in one of Dan Brown’s books.

Seriously, I had an awesome retreat!   Fr. Barry Cole preached on the Beatitudes in the life of the priest.



  1. Thank you so much for the pics of Shellbourne! Such a beautiful place. I’m so thankful you were able to go and had a wonderful retreat!


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