Posted by: frroberts | November 29, 2017

Good Biographies

Ackroyd, The Life of Thomas More.

Bacci, The Life of Saint Philip Neri.

Burton, The Eighth American Saint (Biography of Mother Guerin) 

Ciszeck, He Leadeth Me.

Curtright, The One Thomas More.

Day, The Long Loneliness.

Day, The Eleventh Virgin.

Marius, Thomas More: A Biography.

Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain.

Merton, Sign of Jonas.

Monti, The King’s Good Servant, but God’s First.

Pearce, Race with the Devil.  

Autobiogrphy of a prominent Catholic author that shares his conversion from being a British white supremacist to an American Catholic writer.

Reeves, America’s Bishop.

Riley, Fulton J. Sheen: An American Response to the Twentieth Century.

Robinson, In No Strange Land: The Embodied Mysticism of Saint Phillip Neri.

Thompson, Francis of Assisi.

Biographies of the famous poverello from Assisi often suffer from the lamentable defect that they tell us more about the biographer than they tell us about the actual flesh and bones saint.  Fr. Augustine Thompson’s biography critically weighs historical sources and comes up with a historically credible picture of who Francis was and what he did.

Turks, Philip Neri: The Fire of Joy.

Sarah, God or Nothing.

Weigel, The End and the Beginning.

Weigel, Witness to Hope.

Wegemer, Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage.

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