Posted by: frroberts | December 1, 2017

Good Material from Bishop Barron

Catholicism (DVD).

In this 5 DVD epic series Father Barron uses words, images and music to explicate the central themes of the Catholic faith, starting with Jesus Christ and ending with the Last Things, touching on God, Christian morality, the Church, Mary, the Eucharist, the Saints and the Holy Spirit in between.  This series is a feast of mind and spirit for anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.  It would also be a great confirmation gift for a serious-minded adolescent.

Catholicism: The New Evangelization (DVD)

These DVDs are the sequel to Catholicism.  Anyone who has come to know and to love Jesus and His Church has probably experienced the frustration of meeting people who do not.  If Catholicism gave the what of the Catholic faith, Catholicism: The New Evangelization gives the how.  These DVDs give the believer insight into why it is difficult to share the faith in the culture in which we live and how to work around these challenges.

Catholicism: Pivotal Players. (DVD)


Priority of Christ.

Bridging the Great Divide.

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