Posted by: frroberts | December 23, 2017

Recommended Spirituality Titles

Angelli, The Excellences of the Congregation of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri.

Laird, Into the Silent Land.

Tugwell, Ways of Imperfection.

Pitre, Jesus the Bridegroom.

Corbon, The Wellspring of Worship.

Faber, The Spirit and Genius of Saint Philip Neri.

Dubay, Happy are You Poor.  A wonderfully challenging book on every Christian’s call to imitate the poverty of Jesus Christ.  The message of the book is not easy, even for those who are deeply committed to their faith.

Nouwen, Life of the Beloved.  What is the essence of the Christian Gospel?  This question should be an easy one, but anyone who has attempted to explain the faith to a non-believer lacking a real acquaintance with Christianity usually discovers the biggest problem in explaining Christianity is where to start.  In our own spiritual lives, we often find that establishing a foundation for our spirituality is similarly difficult.  In this highly readable book Henri Nouwen attempts to provide a positive catechism for a modern agnostic skeptic.  In doing so, he reminds we who believe in Christ that the essence of the message of Jesus is love and grace.  Sadly, we often forget these two when we try to live our religion and replace them with a judgmental moralism.

Sarah, The Power of Silence.

Halik, Night of the Confessor: Christian Faith in an Age of Uncertainty.

Keating, Addiction and Divine Therapy.  We live in an age of material prosperity and spiritual poverty.  Our temptation is to try to fill the God-sized whole in our hearts with material things.  At first, our attempts seem to work.  But with each successive attempt to find our ultimate happiness in something other than God, we find less and less of it.  The spiritual desperation that ensues often leads us to fill ourselves up with more and more of the created thing, even to the point of developing a mental obsession with it.  By this point, we are addicts.  This book details how to find freedom from our addictions and true happiness in living in God’s plan for our lives.

Bouyer, Introduction to the Spiritual Life.


  1. Love Henri Nouwen. Have read many of his books. When I was a student at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT. many years ago, Fr. Nouwen came and spoke to us. Awesome!


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