Posted by: frroberts | January 9, 2018

Repost: The importance of having a spiritual foundation

Before my freshman year in high school my parents decided that it was time to build a new house.  We no longer had the amount of free labor necessary to raise produce and keep up the landscaping on the five acres that surrounded our home because my five older siblings had grown up and left home.

My parents purchased a lot in a subdivision and construction began in the late summer.

Not long after the foundation was poured and much of the frame built, my father had a major disagreement with the contractor that led to a breach of contract, leaving completion of the house to my father and me on evenings and weekends.

When we started examining the work that was already finished, we were distressed to discover that the ground floor was improperly supported, causing both the first and second stories to sag slightly.  To a fifteen year-old who was eager to finish the house as quickly as  possible so that I could go back to having a normal high school experience, this problem seemed unimportant.  ”So it sags a little, Dad.  No big deal!  Can’t we just start putting the roof on before it starts snowing?”

To my father this problem was something that had to be corrected before moving on because it would only get worse with time, eventually causing major structural problems if left uncorrected.  Having a roof on before winter would be useless if the house collapsed.

It took several days of hard work to fix the problems with the floor joists and support beams, but we were able to remedy the situation entirely.   Today, almost twenty years later, the floor structure is perfectly sound.

Very often we make the mistake of not ensuring that we have the firm foundation of a good relationship with God before moving on with the rest of our lives.  We want God in our lives, but we don’t always put Him first.  And without God as our firm foundation, our house of faith is in real danger of collapsing when under pressure.

As people of faith we know that our lives become meaningful only to the extent that we allow our relationship with God to become the foundation of the rest of our lives.

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