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Another St. Anne Trinity

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Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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Mary’s Message to America

I am the Queen of Heaven, who prays for the conversion of sinners, and I wish you to do the same.”

“Gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation.

Mary to Adele Briese in Champion, Wisconsin, 1859

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Scotland and England Pilgrimage: Price now available!

I will be having informational meetings about the July 2018 pilgrimage I will be leading to England and Scotland:

Saturday, Sept. 30 at 7:15pm, Saint Monica (116 Thorndale Dr., Beaver Falls, PA) in the Mary Room

Sunday, Oct. 1 at 10am, Saint Monica (116 Thorndale Dr., Beaver Falls, PA) in the Mary Room

Cost : $ 3,880 per person (includes breakfast and dinner)

Single supplement   :  $ 700,00

Contact for more information.

July 9 Depart from Chicago O’Hare at 12pm to Edinburgh (arrival 7:10am, July 10) via JFK

Accommodation at the Hotel Apex Grassmarket, 4 *  ,

July 10 Day in Edinburgh (Castle, Holyrood House, St. Margaret’s Chapel, Old Town, Cathedral, Arthur’s seat, Roslyn Chapel)

July 11 Day in Edinburgh

FountainsAbbey-Wyrdlight 893.jpg

July 12 Depart for York to see ruins of Fountains and Yorkminister, overnight in London


Accommodation at the Novotel London West , 4*  ,

July 13 Day in London

July 14 Day trip to Oxford (Magalden College, Christchurch Meadow, Christchurch Cathedral, Saint Mary the Virgin, Kelbe College– Holman Hunt Painting?, Littlemore–site of Cardinal Newman’s conversion)

July 15 Day in London (various sites)

July 16 Day trip to Canterbury


July 17 Day trip to Stonehenge

July 18 Depart from London at 7:45am to return to Chicago at 10:20am

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Basic Books for Teens and Adults

Lovasik, The Hidden Power of Kindness.

Noll, Father Smith Instructs Jackson.

Bromwich, Toolkit for Evangelization: Talking to the Culture.

Lovasik, Basic Book of Catholic Prayer.

Marshall, Sword and Serpent.

Marshall, The Tenth Region of the Night.

Lovasik, Clean Love in Courtship.

Kheriaty, A Catholic Guide to Depression.

Weigel, Letters to a Young Catholic.

Gaitley, Thirty-three days to Morning Glory.

Lovasik, Church History.

Bennett, The Temperament God Gave You.

Lovasik, The Basic Book of the Eucharist.

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Principle and Foundation

From St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises

Man is created to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord, and by this means to save his soul.

And the other things on the face of the earth are created for man and that they may help him in prosecuting the end for which he is created.

From this it follows that man is to use them as much as they help him on to his end, and ought to rid himself of them so far as they hinder him as to it.

For this it is necessary to make ourselves indifferent to all created things in all that is allowed to the choice of our free will and is not prohibited to it; so that, on our part, we want not health rather than sickness, riches rather than poverty, honor rather than dishonor, long rather than short life, and so in all the rest; desiring and choosing only what is most conducive for us to the end for which we are created.

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Saint Anne Trinity

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Gift Idea

On Canvas:

Our Lady of Czestochowa Icon (Black Madonna)

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Our Lady of Canada

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Dante’s Praises of the Virgin

“O virgin mother, daughter of thy Son,
humble beyond all creatures and more exalted;
predestined turning point of God’s intention;

Thy merit so ennobled human nature
that its divine Creator did not scorn
to make Himself the creature of His creature.

The Love that was rekindled in Thy womb
sends for the warmth of the eternal peace
within whose ray this flower has come to bloom.

Here to us, thou art the noon and scope
of Love revealed; and among mortal men,
the living fountain of eternal hope.

Lady, thou art so near God’s reckonings
that who seeks grace and does not first seek thee
would have his wish fly upward without wings.

Not only does thy sweet benignity
flow out to all who beg, but oftentimes
thy charity arrives before the plea.

In thee is pity, in thee munificence,
in thee the tenderest heart, in thee unites
all that creation knows of excellence!

Now comes this man who from the final pit
of the universe up to this height has seen,
one by one, the three lives of the spirit.

He prays to thee in fervent supplication
for grace and strength, that he may raise his eyes
to the all-healing final revelation.

And I, who never more desired to see
the vision myself that I do that he may see It,
add my own prayer, and pray that it may be

enough to move you to dispel the trace
of every mortal shadow by thy prayers
and let him see revealed the Sum of Grace.

I pray the further, all-persuading Queen,
keep whole the natural bent of his affections
and of his powers after his eyes have seen.

Protect him from the stirrings of man’s clay;
see how Beatrice and the blessed host
clasp reverent hands to join me as I pray.”

The eyes that God reveres and loves the best
glowed on the speaker, making clear the joy
with which true prayer is heard by the most blest.

Those eyes turned then to the Eternal Ray,
through which, we must indeed believe, the eyes
of others do not find such ready way.

And I, who neared the goal of all my nature,
felt my soul, at the climax of its yearning,
suddenly, as it ought, grow calm with rapture.

Bernard then, smiling sweetly, gestured to me
to look up, but I had already become
within myself all he would have me be.

Little by little as my vision grew
it penetrated faintly through the aura
of the high lamp which in Itself is true.

What then I saw is more than tongue can say.
Our human speech is dark before the vision.
The ravished memory swoons and falls away.

As one who sees in dreams and wakes to find
the emotional impression of his vision
still powerful while its parts fade from his mind –

just such am I, having lost nearly all
the vision itself, while in my heart I feel
the sweetness of it yet distill and fall.

So, in the sun, the footprints fade from snow.
On the wild wind that bore the tumbling leaves
the Sybil’s oracles were scattered so.

O Light Supreme who doth Thyself withdraw
so far above man’s mortal understanding,
lend me again some glimpse of what I saw;

make Thou my tongue so eloquent it may
of all Thy glory speak a single clue
to those who follow me in the world’s day;

for by returning to my memory
somewhat, and somewhat sounding in these verses,
Thou shalt show man more of Thy victory.

So dazzling was the splendor of that Ray,
that I must certainly have lost my senses
had I, but for an instant, turned away.

And so it was, as I recall, I could,
the better bear to look, until at last,
my Vision made one with the Eternal Good.

Oh grace abounding that had made me fit
to fix my eyes on the eternal light
until my vision was consumed in It!

I saw within Its depth how It conceives
all things in a single volume bound by Love,
of which the universe is the scattered leaves;

substance, accident, and their relation
so fused that all I say could do no more
than yield a glimpse of that bright revelation.

I think I saw the universal form
that binds these things, for as I speak these words
I feel my joy swell and my spirits warm.

Twenty-five centuries since Neptune saw
the Argo’s keel have not moved all mankind,
recalling that adventure, to such awe

as I felt in an instant. My tranced being
stared fixed and motionless upon that vision,
even more fervent to see in the act of seeing.

Experiencing that Radiance, the spirit
is so indrawn it is impossible
even to think of ever turning from It.

For the good which is the will’s ultimate object
is all subsumed in It; and, being removed,
all is defective which in It is perfect.

Now in my recollection of the rest
I have less power to speak than any infant
wetting its tongue yet at its mother’s breast;

and not because that Living Radiance bore
more than one semblance, for It is unchanging
and is forever as it was before;

rather, as I grew worthier to see,
the more I looked, the more unchanging semblance
appeared to change with every change in me.

Within the depthless deep and clear existence
of that abyss of light three circles shown –
three in color, one in circumference;

the second from the first, rainbow from rainbow;
the third, an exhalation of pure fire
equally breathed forth by the other two.

But oh how much my words miss my conception,
which is itself so far from what I saw
than to call it feeble would be rank deception!

O Light Eternal fixed in Itself alone,
by Itself alone understood, which from Itself
loves and glows, self-knowing and self-known;

that second aureole which shone forth in Thee,
conceived as a reflection of the first –
or which appeared so to my scrutiny –

seemed in Itself of Its own coloration
to be painted with man’s image. I fixed my eyes
on that alone in rapturous contemplation.

Like a geometer wholly dedicated
to squaring the circle, but who cannot find,
think as he may, the principle indicated –

so did I study the supernal face.
I yearned to know just how our image merges
into that circle, and how it there finds place;

but mine were not the wings for such a flight.
Yet, as I wished, the truth I wished for came
cleaving my mind in a great flash of light.

Here my powers rest from their high fantasy,
but already I could feel my being turned –
instinct and intellect balanced equally

as in a wheel whose motion nothing jars –
by the Love that moves the sun and other stars.

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Gift Ideas

Mystic Monk Coffee.

World War I Rosary.

Rublev’s Holy Trinity Icon.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Icon.

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Books that I have read in 2017

Crosby, The Personalism of John Henry Newman.

Murray, Newman the Oratorian.

Davis, The First Seven Ecumenical Councils.

Hanson, The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God.

Jenkins, The Lost History of Christianity.

Williams, Arius: Heresy and Tradition.

Chaput, Strangers in a Strange Land

Eberstadt, It is Dangerous to Believe.

Pitre, The Case for Jesus.

Zmirak, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.

Reeves, America’s Bishop.

Riley, Fulton J. Sheen: An American Response to the Twentieth Century.

Dreher, The Benedict Option.

Esolen, Out of the Ashes.

Pitre, Jesus the Bridegroom.

Sarah, The Power of Silence.

Dodd, The Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace.

Sheen, The World’s First Love.

John Paul II: Mary: God’s Yes to Man.

Gambero, Mary and the Fathers of the Church.

Cole, The Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood.

Farley, Finding Light in Darkness.

Ratzinger, Teaching and Learning the Love of God.

Esolen, Out of the Ashes.

—–, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization.

—–, Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching.

——, Defending Marriage.

Green and Hooper, C.S. Lewis: A Biography. 

Wright, The Lord and His Prayer.

——, Simply Good News.

Rowland, Ratzinger’s Faith.

Milton, Paradise Lost.

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Good Reads: Church History

Ambrosio, When the Church was Young: Voices of the Early Fathers.

Congar, True and False Reform in the Church.

Davis, The First Seven Ecumenical Councils.

Hanson, The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God.

Jenkins, The Lost History of Christianity.

Law, When God Spoke Greek.

Pearce, Literary Converts.

Richard, The Spiritual Conquest of Mexico.

Wilken, The First Thousand Years.

Williams, Arius: Heresy and Tradition.

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A great story about St. John Paul II

Biretta tip to Fr. Z ( for a translation of Pope Francis’ story about John Paul II the Great

On the Piazza Risorgimento, there was a homeless Polish homeless man, often drunk.  In his drunkenness he told the story that he had been a fellow seminarian and in the priesthood with John Paul II, and that afterwards he had left the priesthood. No one believed him. Someone reported this to John Paul II. And he said, “So ask him what his name is.” And it was true!  “Get him to come.” [The man] was given a shower and was presented to the Pope. The Pope received him: “So how are you?!”, and he embraced him. He had, in short, abandoned the priesthood and had left with a woman. “But how are you?”  And then, at a certain moment, John Paul II regarded at him. “My confessor was supposed to come today, but he did not come. Hear my confession.” “But how can I do that?” [the man responded].  “Yes, yes, I’m giving you the faculty.”  And he got down on his knees and and made his confession.  And later [the priest] ended up as chaplain of a hospital, doing good for the sick.  An act of proximity and humility.

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Pilgrimage flyer for printing




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